• Under the 5G wave, 5G+AIoT accelerates more things


    5G is a catalyst for the integration of AioT innovation

    The full name of AloT is "Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things". Broadly speaking, it refers to the integration of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things in practical applications. However, with the arrival of 5G wave, the content of "AloT" is more and more abundant. AIoT is not a simple AI+IoT, but uses artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies. It is based on big data and cloud computing. It uses semiconductor as the algorithm carrier, network security technology as the implementation guarantee, and 5G as the catalyst. , knowledge and intelligence for integration.


    Emerging technologies such as 5G and AI broke out in 2019, allowing more and more application scenarios such as autonomous driving, urban brain, AI pension, medical imaging, etc. to go down the "altar" into our lives. With high speed, large capacity and low latency, 5G brings more efficient information transmission channels to IoT, which is connected to the Internet. It is used in the smart home, car networking, driverless, smart city, smart medical, smart rural areas, etc. Has a broad prospect. The blessing of AI technology provides IoT with a smarter information collection portal and a richer application scenario. Through AI, it is possible to pull a relatively isolated device into the scene, which can greatly improve the response space of IoT. ‘’

    5G drives the leap-forward development of smart cities

    AIoT relies on smart sensors, communication modules, data processing platforms, etc., with cloud platforms, intelligent hardware and mobile applications as core products, reducing the complexity of urban management systems into multiple vertical modules, serving people and urban infrastructure and cities. Management and other establishments are closely linked.


    Under the 5G network, it will provide direct treatment plans for the smart city's power grid, power, transportation, security, and other aspects to better help the city from the perception to the implementation of the entire process of operation, to provide more secure and resilient protection for the city. For surveillance equipment throughout the city, 5G technology can transmit more ultra-clear monitoring data faster, no longer limited to fixed networks, and intelligent monitoring data reading and sharing capabilities will be greatly enhanced.

    The 5G peak rate can reach 20Gbps, the number of links per square kilometer can exceed 1 million, and the link delay is only 1 millisecond. Under the blessing of AI, the city will have a “smart brain” to maximize urban management. The smart city in the 5G+AIoT era will be highly intelligent and automated. Various services can be customized according to the user's preferences, and the degree of synergy in many aspects such as travel is higher.

    5G update AIOT networking mode

    The first four generations of mobile communication network technologies have experienced the development of the fixed network, 2G, 3G, 4G, and will soon usher in the 5G era, changing the previous focus on mobile communication, and on the basis of the application scenarios of the Internet of Things. 5G will penetrate into all areas of the future society, so that information can break through the limitations of time and space, pull into the distance of all things, and finally realize the intelligent interconnection of people and everything. In addition, big data provides data assets for the development of AIOT, and semiconductors will become the carrier of algorithms and communications. After experiencing the development stage of the Internet, Internet 2.0, Internet+, and mobile Internet, based on software technology and smart devices, IMOT is emerging under the integration of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, 5G networking technology, and semiconductor technology.

    AIoT is endowed with more connotations and meanings under the catalysis of 5G. The emergence of 5G technology will also become a key technology in the future development of AIOT technology.

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