• How to Use Concox Tracksolid Tracking Platform

    Concox is a professional GPS tracker China manufacturer. More than 1,000,000 individual users and enterprise users in 90 countries are using our Tracksolid tracking platform. It is powerful in terms of tracking vehicle. In this article, we will have a simple user guide for you.


    On the account menu, you can add the customer, input username, login account, password and other info you need.


    On the device menu, you will be able to operate all devices.

    Sell device: Click “sell” button to sell devices to your customers. It is available to set the expired date. Choose device, click “disable device”, then your customers will not be able to track location here. When enabling device, then the user could track location again.

    Edit device: Click “edit” button to edit your devices information. You can set speeding speed limitation alert by input speed and duration time. For example, 60km/h, 10s. When speed beyond 60 over 10s, the speeding alert will come. More information could be set on the command type you think necessary.


    On the monitor menu, you will be able to monitor the device live.

    Command: Click command button, where you could send the online command to the device. For example, you can set the 3 SOS numbers, which are used for emergency calls.

    Playback: If click playback button, then you can see your vehicle history route according to the date you set.

    Share: There is also a share button. The user could send the tracking link to other who could track the car online via PC or phone.


    On the report menu, different report about the device data could be found, such as fuel consumption, driving behaviors and alerts details.

    Moving overview: statics refers to offline statics done every other day.

    Mileage: You can check your vehicle total mileages.

    Idling: You can view the idling status, start time, end time, address and duration.

    Device statics: You can check the remaining battery, fuel consumption and driver behaviors.


    As the geo-fence, you can create an irregular fence by clicking “geo-fence” -“new” on the top left. Choose one point by left-clicking once and move to the next point by moving the mouse.

    Here comes our tracking platform:

    If you want to download the tracking APP, you can search “tracksoild ” in Google Play. Both IOS version and Android version are applicable.

    Welcome to have a test!

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