• What kind of GPS positioning platform can help you easily query vehicle location?


    The biggest function of the on-board GPS locator is positioning. The owner can monitor the vehicle in real-time. Users who use the GPS locator have the best experience. It is very convenient to check the specific location of the vehicle on the mobile phone anytime and anywhere. But it is not that the GPS locator is installed, and you can immediately see the location of the vehicle.

    Want to connect the car with the mobile phone, so that users can monitor the vehicle through the mobile phone at any time. First of all, the GPS positioning device on the car is the most important. Secondly, you need to download and install the corresponding APP software on your mobile phone. Install a GPS locator on the car, then install the company's platform on the phone, log in, and you can view the status of the vehicle in real-time. But if you want to easily find the location of the vehicle on your mobile phone, you should pay attention to the following:

    1. Choose the right GPS locator

    There are many types of GPS locators and various functions. According to the installation method, it can be divided into wiring type and wireless type. The wiring type positioner will have more functions and the working time is longer. The wireless locator is easy to install and has good concealment.

    When you buy a locator product, you need to distinguish between real-time positioning and timing positioning. Real-time positioning means that whenever you open the mobile phone APP, you can see the real-time location and status of the vehicle. Timed positioning is only at the time point you set, the device will return data information to the APP platform. The data information you see when you currently open the APP is the last time it is returned, not real-time. Many people will ignore this.


    2. the mobile phone installation APP process

    In general, the methods of installing APP software on mobile phones are nothing more than the following two methods:

    If you are an iPhone user, search the APP Store for the corresponding software name to download the client;

    If you are an Android user, you can search for the software name in the application market that comes with your phone.

    3. the functions that can be achieved through the platform

    Through the platform, users can implement the following functions on the platform:

    Timed positioning: real-time view of the vehicle's real-time location and status through the platform;

    Overspeed alarm: when the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed, an alarm sound will be issued;

    Electronic fence: demarcate the area, alarm if it exceeds or enters the area;

    Track query: Through the platform system, it can track the current state of the vehicle and track playback in the past three months during implementation;

    Remote monitoring: The authorized number can dial the device number at any time to monitor the sound around the vehicle in real-time;

    Remote car lock: The vehicle oil circuit and circuit command can be controlled through the platform to issue the vehicle disconnect oil circuit/circuit command to the device to achieve the purpose of locking the car.


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