• 4 troubleshooting methods for vehicle GPS tracker offline issue


    What is the cause of vehicle GPS tracker offline issue? Before answering this question, let us first understand its meaning. It means that the vehicle positioning data cannot be transmitted to the GPS monitoring platform normally, and the current vehicle position information cannot be viewed. In this case, everyone must be very anxious. Then, the most important thing to solve a problem is to find the root cause of the problem. Here are some common troubleshooting methods when vehicle GPS locators are offline.


    Confirm whether the SIM card in the GPS tracking unit is in arrears or has Internet access

    Method of operation

    1. Dial the number of the SIM card on the GPS tracking device and judge according to the prompt tone.

    2. If you use a 13-digit IoT card, you can contact the network operator to check the account balance.

    3. Check whether the Internet access function is effective. The GPRS Internet access function must be activated to transmit the positioning data.


    1. For SIM cards that are in arrears, you need to charge normally to ensure that there is enough balance.

    2. For the SIM card has no access to GPRS Internet, you can contact the network operator to open it.


    The vehicle is in the place where the signal is blind or poor

    Method of operation

    For example, if the prompt is temporarily unavailable or not in the service area after dialing the SIM card number on the tracking device, that is, the network signal condition of the current vehicle may be poor (such as an underground garage, a tunnel, a remote occlusion, etc.). The positioning information cannot be transmitted because of the poor signal.


    Drive away from the weak signal area, and go to the open place, and then the signal receiving effect is strong and can be restored.


    Vehicle GPS tracker shutdown or power-down will lead to offline

    Method of operation

    The SIM card number on the GPS tracking locator can be dialed while the prompt is turned-off, or a text message is sent to the device without receiving a reply, in this case, it can be judged that the device is powered off or the voltage of the power supply is unstable.


    1. Check whether the device is powered off and view whether the voltage and current of the power supply meet the voltage and current thresholds specified in the installation.

    2. Check if the working indicator on the GPS tracker is normal.


    The installation location of the GPS tracker is not good

    The GPS tracker should not be installed near metal objects, which will affect the GPS signal sent by the device.


    The current GPS technology is satellite positioning, and GPS signals cannot penetrate concrete and metal, otherwise, it will affect the best star search effect of terminal equipment. Therefore, it is better to avoid metal objects during installation and park the vehicle outdoors where can see the sky.

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