• Three hot GPS application in the future

    1. DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) will be more popular
    The world-cup is coming. It’s a trend for people to watch the games on TV. However, MP4 players or mobile phones were not the best choice because of the screen is not big enough and the resolution is not high. GPS navigator will become the best mobile video device for its convenient charging feature and HD display advantage. With the support of national policy, more cities will provide DMB service. We believe the GPS navigator will become a good mobile TV for people.
    2. Smart traffic come true real-time traffic reports
    TMC (Traffic Message Channel) is a system of the digital code. When the city is using the TMC, the traffic department will collect the information, and then send to the user via GPRS or FM. The driver can receive the traffic information via GPS device. 

    3. Tracking device and set up the safety monitor
    GPS locating and tracking system is used according to the GPS global satellite positioning system. GPS tracker will active the alarm function once the vehicle is in emergency. They will inform the driver or control center immediately. The control center will show the situation and location of the device. They can monitor the device easier.

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