• Things 3G can do better in GPS monitoring niche

    Mobile network operators 2G cancelling

    The reason mobile network carries are refarming the spectrum for more efficient 3G/4G services has double-sided success. First side is for customers. 3G+ networks have the greater speeds, coverage and reliability. Another success side is for business – wireless service providers. 2G shutdown enhances the network resulting in lower operating costs, fewer networks to support, and frees up spectrum for faster and more lucrative services.

    The fact of life is the success sides have its costs. Upgrade equipment costs apply to all: mobile network carriers, M2M network providers and customers. All of them have to pay for the progress.

    Mobile operators understand how the conversion could be painful and stretch the term making advertisements and information campaigns. Countries where the transition has already started, the people are being informed ahead of time. They are mentally prepared for the expenses. It helps M2M business.


    Of course, there is a competition between mobile carriers. For example, T-Mobile has decided to pick up the AT&T M2M customers after the 2G shutdown. The company has promised to extend the 2G life through 2020.

    Anyway, sooner or later the transition to “next G” will make the business and customers to change the equipment.

    Things 3G can do better in GPS monitoring niche

    3G is faster than 2G. But does it makes sense in terms of GPS tracking? The regular data sent from GPS tracking device such as GPS coordinates, vehicle speed and even vehicle’s telemetry such as OBD2 data is actually just a few hundred bytes per second. Thus broadband connection is not demanded here. Nevertheless, there are still some potential benefits:

    Video streaming. For years image capturing was used in some fleet tracking applications, such as taxi or passenger transportation. Cameras shoot passengers and upload images to GPS tracking server – by schedule or when some event occur, e.g. door open. However, 2G was not able to offer enough throughput even for high resolution images. New generation networks open a possibility to send video recordings or even real time video.

    Device firmware upgrade. 2G downloads a new firmware about 5 minutes. 3G will speed up the update and shorten the process in times.


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