• Concox JM-LG01 GPS Tracker ,The second "safety lock" for mortgage and credit cars

    JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker, the second "safety lock" for mortgage and credit cars

    With the development of society, people's living standards have improved, car consumption has become more and more popular, and vehicle mortgage credit consumption has become a trend of Chinese automobile consumption. People have become more common with cars. However, with the increasing number of car loan mortgages, there are some problems in the vehicle mortgage industry and the credit industry. Mortgage vehicles and credit vehicles may have malicious defaults and malicious deceptions, and there are often car owners and vehicles missing. Series of questions. The risks of financial institutions such as guarantee companies and banks have increased. More importantly, with the development of network information, most car owners have learned about the location of the GPS installation of the loan car from the Internet and dismantled it privately, which has increased the risk of experience of banks and companies.

    In order to solve the above problems, Concox's mature integrated solution, with JM-LG01 car rental, financial credit dedicated GPS locator combined with Tuqiang wind control platform / APP, to achieve remote multi-location location query, can effectively control risk, fraud detection To solve the problem of post-loan.

    For customers with malicious default loans, remotely control the vehicle by remote power cut-off to prevent escape. The compact size has the anti-counterfeiting base station detection function combined with strong magnetic adsorption, making the GPS installation more concealed and difficult to find and disassemble.

    Banks and car mortgage agencies generally require owners to purchase body insurance. If the JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker is installed on the insured vehicle, it will give the vehicle a security lock. The vehicle is stolen, robbed, robbed or In the event of other dangers, the first time is known, which also reduces the risk of the insurance company to a certain extent.

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