• Qbit Personal GPS Tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and convenience



    The Qbit personal GPS tracker can use for children, seniors ,courriers,and so on.


    GPS+AGPS+LBS Triple Positioning:The Qbit support GPS,AGPS and LBS triple positioning ,once here has good GPS signal. It will locate via GPS,if it doesn't have GPS signal,it willlocate via LBS.The triple positioning allow the location to be ponpointed accurately and rapidly.

    WIFI Positioning: Most GPS tracker only have GPS and AGPS positioning, and a few have WIFI positioning.WIFI positioning is the  assisted  positioning, which can link automatically in WIFI. Latest WIFI positioning enables the kids to be pinpointes accurately and rapidly.



    Sound Alaim: When the sound is more than 70 decibels around the Qbit,the GPS Tracker will automatic call setting cell phone number to alarm. Let your peace of mind to go out and stay with the people  you love anytime anywhere.


    Vibration Alert: In arm stayus, the terminal will send a vibration alarm SMS to SOS number numbers in 10s if it detects vibration.The interval of vibration alarm could be every 5 minutes!Let you peace of mind to go out and care what your care.


    Sound and light settings:We can through our professional platform "Tracksolid" to turn on sound and light searching. Our lovely can easily found in the darkness.Let you stay with the people you love anytime anywhere.



    Voice monitoring:For voice monitoring,please send "JT" to the device by the phone with SOS number,the device will reply "ok" and call the SOS number.After the call connected,voice monitoring function will be activated and the SOS number can hear the sound around the device.


    White list: The Qbit by setting the family number to avoid a stranger's harassment, if the number is not deposited in the SIM card, it can not be called.Giving old people and kids a more warm environment.

    IPX5 waterproof:The Qbit have hight precision shell to ensure stable operation in tough environment. It is not only not afraid of dust,but also don't worry about being splashed by water.



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