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    The project aims to reduce the problem of crime in the country. The crime scene vehicle theft is rampant. Statistics from the report of the Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM) showed this activity is increasing, particularly the theft of a motorcycle. This is due to the high demand for buyers of stolen goods at cheap prices. This project revolves around a system to address the problem of motorcycle theft. A device should be placed in a hidden place in the motorcycle works sent latitude, longitude, time and date to date and accurate. This system is using the internet and GPS connection. Motorcycle owners can find out where the motorcycle was stolen in the event. Owners can find out the location of motorcycles using the android system available on the phone. The results of this project will determine the location of where the bikes are. Characteristics of the devices in the first survey and based on these features, the device design parameters have been proposed in line with its function as a transmitter of information. The device should be the durable and small size as input in a place hidden in a motorcycle.


    Motorcycle GPS Tracker Using is a device that can detect a motorcycle anywhere. This device used Locator to communicate with the server. The source for this device from the motorcycle battery that means it should convert the power of battery 12V to 5V using a voltage regulator. This device will be placed on a motorcycle in a hidden part. This projects it important right now because it can give more safety for motorcycles. Users can always know what happens to motorcycles and get more safety to their vehicles. This project is important, appropriate and easy to use because it can track web platforms in real-time. The data fast retrieval from centralizes redundancy server and user-friendly, web tracking with history reporting. Again, the user can also login to a web platform anywhere.

    Nowadays, since the motorcycle is easy to hack, there are many stolen motorcycle and this case is increasing. The components for motorcycles are high demand in the black market. If the motorcycle disappears, the user cannot find their motorcycle. They cannot know when their motorcycle disappears. The probability to get back the motorcycle is very low. Many cases of motorcycle theft cannot be completed by the police because there was no evidence that where and when the motorcycle disappears.

    To develop an object locator application based on:

    1. To reduce the incidence of crime, particularly theft of a


    2. To help the authorities to solve these crimes.

    3. To be low energy and user-friendly device that is very efficient in today's life.


    Concox ET25 is a small and light GPS tracker with solid GPS tracking capability and connectivity perfectly suited to motorbikes and e-bikes. Featuring a sleek and compact design, the ET25 provides a detailed report of the vehicle’s location and activities. Protect and optimize your fleet or motorcycle vehicles with this popular GPS tracker.

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