• The importance of vehicle fleet tracking system


    Whether it is a logistics department or other vertical industries that rely on truck transportation products, it must have a vehicle fleet tracking system. It is an essential tool that allows fleet operators to track the location of trucks and other parameters.

    But, why is there such a big demand for a vehicle fleet tracking system? First of all, it is very easy to manually monitor 5 to 10 trucks. You can hire a fleet manager who can contact the truck driver at any time to understand the delivery of the goods.

    When the fleet size grew to more than 50 trucks, the problem appeared. We all know that the average size of the fleet is much larger than this. Therefore, it is almost impossible for the company to manually manage the operation of the fleet. In short, without a comprehensive fleet tracking solution, the company will not be able to complete the task.

    Let's take a look at some potential problems that the company may face without the vehicle fleet tracking system:

    1. Lack of real-time monitoring information

    Due to the lack of a fleet management system, the simplest but most beneficial aspect you will miss is the large amount of data that you can use to enhance fleet operations.

    Fleet management system allows people to monitor any vehicle in real time. Not only can the location of the truck be monitored remotely, but also other parameters such as speed, acceleration and braking operations can be remotely monitored. Therefore, you can ensure that the driver delivers the goods to the customer in time. In addition, you can check the amount of work and energy the truck driver put in to complete the task.

    2, more fuel consumption

    You may trust the truck driver enough to tell them the exact location on the phone, but what about other factors, for example, they may ask you for more money to refuel, saying that there is no fuel in the tank. You do not have proper evidence to confirm whether the fuel tank is really empty or whether the driver is lying to you. In addition, you cannot confirm whether the truck has run out of gasoline due to bad driving habits. However, you will eventually pay them to ensure that customers receive the goods on time.

    However, with the vehicle fleet tracking system, you can track the amount of fuel consumed by the truck, as well as the factors that cause it to run out quickly. Therefore, you can ensure that the truck has the right amount of fuel at all times, and you can reduce various factors to reduce fuel costs.

    3. Delayed delivery

    Without the help of the vehicle management system, you will not be able to identify all aspects of the delayed delivery of the goods. These systems will help fleet managers to obtain real-time information about service content from any location at any time. Therefore, they will have a clear understanding of the current location of the cargo transport truck and the estimated time of arrival at the customer's door.

    In addition, the time associated with scheduling and reporting procedures will also be greatly reduced. Since all the information is available on the software, you only need to download the information and print out a paper copy. This will help you reduce tedious document tasks and focus more on other important tasks.

    In addition, since you will monitor real-time data related to cargo shipments, you can track various variables in real-time and ensure that you reduce differences that may cause delayed delivery of goods.

    4. Driver management

    There are many factors that hinder on-time delivery. However, in most cases, all these factors are related to truck drivers. The driver is the most important part of a trucking company.

    With the help of fleet management software, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the driving habits of truck drivers, such as the usual speed and route selection. You can share this information with the corresponding drivers to help them improve their driving and cargo handling habits. In addition, you can also ensure that drivers follow traffic rules.

    The vehicle fleet tracking system is very important for the trucking industry. For companies, they are essential tools because they can improve their supply chain and play a vital role in improving customer satisfaction. The Internet of Things Fleet Management System uses platform hubs to create an extensive interconnected environment between trucks and fleet managers. It uses a variety of sensors to track various variables that may affect the timely delivery of goods.

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