• The Comparison of GT06N & GT02D & TR02

    Some time ago, a new mini GPS tracker was launched, which is designed for some customers who do not need SOS and microphone. 
    Many customers are confused about GT06N, GT02D and TR02. Now, I am making some comparisons about these three models.
    GT06N is our star product, which is multi-funcitonal, with specifications of Geo-fence alarm, shut-off engine and oil, SOS alarm, voice monitoring. It is a very hot-selling GPS tracker worldwide, especially in Southeast Asian and South American countries. 
    GT02 is the simple version of GT06N, which without SOS button and microphone. The dimension of GT02D is almost the same as TR02, this is the charming specification of GT02D. Moreover, the specification of shut off engine and oil can also be the selling point of GT02D. 
    TR02 is our simplest GPS tracker, only with the specification of real time tracking. No SOS, shut off engine and oil etc.
    gt06n, gt02d, tr02


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