• The combination of Bluetooth and shared bike locks


    First, we need to understand the working system of sharing bikes,It mainly consists of three parts, bicycle, mobile App and cloud system. Users will generally open the cellphone App and then scan the code to open the bike lock. At this point, the mobile APP has identified the lock number, and then the APP sends the number to the cloud server to unlock the lock.

    At present, the intelligent lock which based on the Internet of things (IoT) technology is the most widely used in sharing bicycles. Nb-it aims to solve the network connection of low power consumption, low bandwidth and long-distance transmission between a large number of belongs to LPWAN ( Low Power Wide Area Network ). And the way it works through Bluetooth is users can communicate through the Bluetooth module of the mobile phone and the Bluetooth module in the smart lock of the bicycle and send the message to the server-side. The background management system sends the unlock instruction to the app installed on the user's mobile phone. After receiving instructions from the background management system, the user's mobile phone unlocked the Bluetooth of the shared bicycle through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.

    In addition, the Bluetooth chip can share the real-time location information of the bike and transmit it to the cloud platform by sharing the GPS positioning of the mobile phone. The background management system sends the unlock instruction to the app installed on the user's mobile phone. After receiving the instructions from the background management system, the user controls the unlocking of the Bluetooth of the Shared bicycle through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.



    The shell of Bluetooth smart lock is made of PC, which is high temperature resistant, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion-resistant, high strength and ability to withstand certain impact. Bluetooth smart lock is to communicate with the lock through scanning code or Bluetooth connection. After the APP confirms its identity, it will automatically unlock the manual lock car and feeds back the lock information to the APP by Bluetooth. At the same time, it also supports the self-developed electronic fence signal induction.

    Features of Shared bicycle Bluetooth lock:

    Lock opening is efficient and stable: the lock opening rate is as high as 99% with one key within 3 seconds in cooperation with the mobile APP;

    Support electronic fence induction: interact with electronic fence data through Bluetooth;

    Active solar panel charging: the built-in solar panel charging, no need for external power supply;

    Support wireless upgrade: improve performance and modify related parameters through a wireless upgrade of mobile phones;

    Waterproofing and anti-theft system: PC material building, three protection design, safe and reliable;

    Simple and convenient installation: no special customization for the vehicle, quick installation.



    Bluetooth smart lock is an electronic car lock that is commonly used to be unlocked by mobile APP scanning in bicycle sharing. It not only has a high-security level of the lock, but also improves the user experience, making it more convenient and efficient to unlock and lock the bike.

    Our Shared bike lock BL10 has built-in solar panels, which can solve the problem of poor cycling experience caused by wheel power generation. It can be unlocked by scan a QR code or Bluetooth. For users, find or reserve a bicycle from a web browser or mobile APP are available. Bicycles can be unlocked by scanning the QR code, SMS, GPRS, and Bluetooth. When riding finished, the user can view and share your mapped rides and statistics, including miles traveled, calories burned, cost, etc. For operators, they are able to remotely monitor shared bikes by the cloud platform, realizing visualization operation and improving bike management efficiency. Geo-fences and iBeacon area can be set to locate the bikes. Various data reports covering broken bikes, coverage and distribution, deposit and refund, maintenance personnel management can be generated.

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