• The application prospect of GPS in daily life



    The price of low-end GPS for civilian use has fallen below $100, but many restrictions have obstructed rapidly developing of the field. First of all, the power consumption and volume of GPS receivers still limit the promotion of GPS. The Bluetooth GPS product based on SIRF chip can standby for 8 hour. It is best that it can have a week standby time otherwise it cannot meet the need of car and outdoor using. In addition, the GPS reception system and decoding system make it difficult to integrate into current mobile phones easily. Of course, there have been PDA systems like this, but if its power consumption and volume can be narrowed to adapt to today most of the mobile phone, then this field has entered a breakthrough stage of development.

    If the GPS system can fully popularization, in a PDA or a smartphone everyone can know their location, and you can get to your destination without asking for directions. Users can view traffic information around them at any time, for example, the location of the nearest idle taxi, then you can contact it and send your location, so that you can enjoy the most convenient service in the shortest time. At the same time, an intelligent system can also be used to check the bus transfer to the destination, the location and arrival time of the bus that needs to be taken. The premise, of course, is that buses and taxis are also equipped with GPS systems and can feed their information back to the Internet. Users can check other places around them, such as their favorite restaurants, the information of exhibitions being held nearby, and the activities of discount promotion nearby. The instant messaging software on your PDA lets you see your friend's location at any time, and when you find that you have a friend by your side, you can always walk up to him.


    With the popularization of GPS, people will be more and more efficient in their life. Through GPS and the real-time information query system, people will no longer feel depressed about traveling. Of course, to enjoy the above service must have the following premises.

    The popularity of personal digital devices is the first requirement. When personal smart devices, PDA or mobile phone that installs the GPS can have three days standby time and it volume is not greater than the current popular smartphone and the prices could drop to around 2000 RMB, this area will start up. Why are there cost constraints? Many people may think that such high-tech gadgets should be for the rich. However, look on these applications, the rich need to take the subway, bus or a taxi? They also don't care about what are cheap and appetizing restaurant nearby, the rich always can hire the services of others to complete it. 

    Local area network interconnection is another important factor. Buses, subways, shopping malls and etc. can provide wireless network connection of LAN. In this way, when users take the bus, their personal digital devices cannot receive GPS signal and the bus can provide users with their real-time location through the network. Users will be able to determine their location anywhere and get the most convenient service, sleeping well on the subway until their PDA reminds them.

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