• The application of GPS in logistics

    In recent years, the logistics industry has rapidly developed. China's logistics infrastructure and equipment conditions have been greatly developed and improved. However, logistics companies with low operating levels still have phenomena such as out-of-stock products, loss of orders, damage to goods, and leakage of goods. The application of GPS, on the one hand, will enhance the operational level of the logistics company and the ability of vehicle monitoring, thereby improving its own competitiveness; on the other hand, it will also guarantee the delivery of customer products and reduce the probability of accidents.

    At present, GPS technology has attracted much attention, one of the crucial reasons is that many functions of GPS have been proved to be effective in the logistics field, especially in the goods distribution field. To be specific, currently GPS mainly use the following functions in cargo distribution.



    Navigation function

    3D navigation is not only the primary function of GPS, but also the most basic one. Other functions can only be fully used on the basis of it. Aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and walkers can navigate by using GPS navigation receivers. Automobile navigation system is a new technology developed on the basis of GPS. It consists of GPS navigation, autonomous navigation, microprocessor, speed sensor, gyro sensor, cd-rom drive and LCD display.

    The coordinates of the car position and the direction of advancement detected by GPS satellite navigation and self-discipline navigation are in error with the actual route trajectory. In order to correct the error between the two and make it consistent with the route on the map, a map must be used. Matching technology, plus a map matching circuit, real-time correlation of the car travel route and the error on the road in the electronic map, and do automatic correction, at this time, the map matching circuit through the micro-processing unit for fast processing, get the car The correct position on the electronic map to indicate the correct driving route. The CD-ROM is used to store information such as road data, and the LCD display is used to display navigation related information.

    Vehicle tracking function

    GPS navigation system and GIS technology, wireless mobile communication system (GSM) and computer vehicle management information system can realize vehicle tracking function. Using GPS and GIS technology can display the actual position of the vehicle in real time, and zoom in, zoom out, restore, and change maps arbitrarily; it can be moved along with the target to keep the target on the screen at all times; it can also realize multiple windows, multiple vehicles, and multiple screens at the same time. Tracking, use this function to track and transport important vehicles and goods. At present, technologies that combine GPS/GIS/GSM technologies for real-time positioning, tracking, alarming, and communication of vehicles have been developed to meet the needs of mastering basic vehicle information and remotely managing vehicles, effectively avoiding vehicle idling. At the same time, customers can also understand the details of their goods in the transportation process through Internet technology.

    Goods distribution route planning function

    Automatic circuit planning: the starting point and end point are determined by the driver, and the computer software automatically design the best driving route according to the requirements, including the fastest route, the simplest route, and the route with the least number of highway sections. Artificial line design: the line library is automatically established by the driver designing the starting point, the end point, and the passing point according to his own destination. After the circuit planning is completed, the display can display the design circuit on the electronic map, and at the same time, display the vehicle running path and operation method.

    Information inquiry

    Provide customers with the main objects, such as tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals and other databases, users can make inquiries on the electronic map as needed. Query data can be displayed in text, language, and images, and its location can be displayed on an electronic map. At the same time, the monitoring center can use the monitoring console to inquire about the location of any target in the area, and the vehicle information will be digitally displayed on the electronic map of the control center.

    Traffic command

    The command center can monitor the operation status of vehicles in the area and make reasonable dispatch of the monitored vehicles. The command center can also talk with the tracked target at any time and implement management.

    Emergency assistance

    The GPS positioning and monitoring management system can provide emergency assistance to vehicles that are in danger or have accidents. The electronic map of the monitoring station can display help information and alarm targets, plan out the best assistance scheme, and use the alarm sound and light to remind the on-duty personnel to handle the emergency.

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