• Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solutions for the South Africa market

     Although car theft has eased in South Africa in recent years, vehicle theft is still a problem that cannot be ignored. It is estimated that there are about 11 million cars in South Africa; and 1.6 million of these are stolen cars, with one car stolen every nine minutes, the highest rate globally.

    Which cars are stolen most in South Africa?

    According to CarInfo, the top five models stolen in South Africa are the Toyota Hiace; Nissan 1400; Toyota Hilux; Toyota Venture; and Toyota Corolla.

    Toyota has always been regarded as a very reliable brand, its parts can be used in a variety of models, so it has become the most "popular" brand for car thieves, a large number of stolen vehicle parts are likely to be used by illegal bus.

    The most easily robbed vehicles in South Africa generally have the following characteristics: older models, with a service life of between 7 and 21 years; minibuses and cars; entry-level cars or luxury cars.

    Thirty percent of the stolen vehicles are transported outside South Africa. Most of the South African stolen vehicles transited to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

    What is concox stolen vehicle recovery solutions?

    Currently, the main anti-theft methods for vehicles are to install traditional locks and alarms, but these are not difficult for theft gangs and the vehicles cannot be recovered. To address this problem, we have developed the stolen vehicle recovery system for the South African market. It can alert the car owner in time during the implementation of the theft. At the same time, after the vehicle is stolen, it assists the public security to catch the criminal, find the stolen vehicle, and recover the losses caused by the theft.

    The solution has two components: background monitoring system (PC+ APP) and terminal hardware, which is a real-time monitoring and management system integrating GSM network and Internet.

    1.Background monitoring system: it is the center of the whole solution, concentrating on monitoring, alarming, tracking and other information services.

    PC platform: Designed as tens of millions-level cloud platform of Telecom, it has the advantages of smooth expansion, multi-point deployment and hot-switching to ensure stable platform services. It is composed of map server, communication center, Web server, database and other parts, which are set up in the main control center and can be accessed via the Internet and dedicated lines to achieve online management of vehicles.

    APP platform: independently developed, including Android and IOS.

    2.Terminal hardware: It is an implementation terminal installed in the vehicle, using UBLOX ultra-low-power GPS chipset, all built-in high-gain GPS receiving antenna. Each functional module and the whole machine have undergone multiple tests, ensuring the stability and reliability of the terminal equipment performance.

    What do you do after someone steals your car?

    Recovery can be achieved via platform and GPS tracking terminal.

    1.Platform functions

    Remote power/engine cut-off: When the vehicle is stolen and robbed, the user can send commands via mobile phone, remote operation of the vehicle to achieve power/engine cut-off function.

    Geo-fence alarm: You can set a specified area for the vehicle. When the vehicle goes out of the specified area, the device automatically alarms and sends text messages.

    Real-time vehicle positioning: Through GPS satellite positioning and GSM network communication, it can realize real-time monitoring of the vehicle position, and send the current position to the phone by sending SMS. At the same time, you can check the vehicle location by PC or APP platform.

    Vehicle vibration and displacement alarm: After the vehicle vibration and displacement alarm is set up, the system will automatically send out an alarm message when the vehicle vibration or displacement occurs.

    Data statistics: Speeding statistics, mileage statistics, alarm statistics and offline statistics.

    Track query: The owner can query the historical route of the vehicle through the platform, and the track is retained for 90 days.

    2.GPS tracking terminal functions

    If you are looking for the best car tracker in SA, we would recommend JM-VG01U. The on-board GPS tracking terminal integrates GSM wireless communication technology and GPS positioning technology. It adopts the industrial-level high integration design. The product follows the IP65 level waterproof and dustproof design and matches with the service platform to provide real-time location service for car owners and realize remote control and management of the vehicle.

    Built-in battery: Built-in 450mAh polymer battery, alarms can be sent out if an illegal power cut-off is detected.

    GPS+INS+GSM+GPRS: Provide 24-hour high precision positioning and monitoring.

    Built-in acceleration sensor: Built-in three-axis stereo vibration sensor can realize vibration alarm and displacement alarm.

    Intelligent power saving: Static drift suppression realizes power saving.

    Built-in remote power off module: Remote power-off makes the vehicle immobile.

    If you want to learn more about stolen vehicle recovery solutions for the South Africa market, feel free to contact us.

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