• Building Smart Logistics Tracking Solution with Concox

    The container is a standard good loading media in transportation and plays a very important role in logistics of the international trading. But the shipper and the shipping companies face a series of problems in cargo tracking and management. For example, the goods get deteriorated, damaged or even lost during the transportation; it’s difficult to track the container position and estimate the time of arrival, the containers are complicated to dispatch and control, etc. To facilitate a more convenient management for shippers and shipping companies, Concox developed an intelligent containers management solution with the GPS + GSM/WCDMA mobile network technology.

    Our device can detect the installation and removing status, the shipper and consignee can be notified in real time when the container is loading or discharging. Also, our tracking unit can detect environmental data inside the container such as temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, etc. And get alert if the valued exceed the normal storage environment. Using the APP, the shipper and consignee can be get noticed whether there is harmful environments can cause the goods damaged during the transportation. The shipping company can archive intelligent dispatch and management for the containers. At the same time, the big data analysis can be used to study the risks during the transportation and prevent the loss to have occurred and the temperature-sensitive products are under good condition. Our product can detect the door closed or opened, the container is moving or in static, all the status during the transportation can be get updated in real time.


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