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    As a kind of large animal living in extremely cold zone, yak is a must-have for Tibetan to make a living. However, Tibetan are facing a series problems involved with yak feeding and management. For example, yaks are lost or stolen frequently; Population degradation is getting severe as a result of inbreeding; Overgrazing leads to the grass degradation. To facilitate the herdsmen and  Bureau of Animal Husbandry's management  to the yak, China Mobile Sichuan Branch, together with Shenzhen Jimi IOT Co. Ltd., put forward the Smart Farming to realize yak breeding management through the NB-IoT+2G network technology

    Smart Farming uses the IOT PaaS platform as the core to obtain data through the smart collar device. The data  will be displayed on the APP(for herdsman and for animal husbandry bureau) and the animal husbandry comprehensive management platform. Using accurate algorithm for classification statistics, it is easy to view and manage.The platform, which is mainly for staff of the Bureau of Animal Husbandry, can manage the yak basic information, herdsmen, breeding, vaccine injection, quarantine and farm. You can also track and monitor the yak, view alarms and view reports by the platform. It simplifies office procedure and realizes  paperless office.

    Yak information archive for convenient view and management. Yak health management, exercise data collection and vaccine injection management Yak breeding management: view the blood relationship of yaks, avoiding inbreeding and optimizing population genes. Geo-fence: when yak is out of the preset fence, alarm will be triggered and notification will be sent. Statistical report: convenient and efficient. Environmental data monitoring:  record Yak's Living Environment.

    Herdsmen can use the APP to create geo-fence for yaks. Alarm will be triggered and message will be sent to herdsmen if any yak is out of the fence. Herdsmen can view yaks location, health conditions, etc.  It is also possible to track the yak , APPly for breeding and quarantine by APP.

    Geo-fence: check whether the yak is in/out of the fence. Real-time tracking and various alarms. View basic information, health information, breeding information. The staff of the Animal Husbandry Bureau can use the APP to manage injection, quarantine and breeding, achieving paperless and efficient office. Vaccine management: make sure that vaccination is implemented exactly. Quarantine management: more convenient quarantine process. Breeding management: avoid inbreeding, and optimize population genes

    The comprehensive solution of Smart Farming collects the GPS and Beidou data,  environment data around the yak, and yak's physiological indicators by the smart collar device, and transmit those data to the big data platform via NB-IoT+2G network for monitoring and data analysis.

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