• “Secret History” of Sugar Tracker and 360 Kids Guard

    Nowadays, a new smart wearing product—Sugar Tracker caught attention from the market with its rich functionalities and compact appearance. It owns the functions of real-time location, SOS and intelligent tracking, which is suitable for family. With the flexible and various appearance, Sugar tracker will be more portable than others trackers.
    Smart wearable devices have a very huge market around children protection area. The smart wearable devices are focusing on sports, sleep, diet detection and calling. However, there is a blank market related with the intelligent safety products. 
    All in all, as a multi-functional product, Sugar tracker will be more convenient to carry and the use area will be much more extensive. Not only for children, but also for all kinds of people, Sugar tracker can make a big surprising change for users with its colorful and mini size design. It is believe that Sugar tracker can be an essential part of our families, to pass affection to our family members.



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