• Portable 6000mAh Strong Magnetic Asset GPS tracker AT1

    6000mAh rechargeable AT1 asset tracker is mainly used to locate and track the goods, property, equipment and other items. It is not only compatible with GM, but also for trucks, police cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
    Wide range of product applications
    -Track containers, boats, valuable equipment or other valuables.
    -With a strong magnetic cover, it is easy to install without cords, which is very suitable for the use of private car users.
    -Real-time location query of assets and vehicles.
    -Timely monitoring and security of assets and vehicles.
    The asset GPS tracker is simple but multifunctional
    -Built-in powerful magnet, so the asset tracking device can be attached to the chassis and realize free of installation.
    -IP67 dust and waterproof makes it suitable for tough environments. It can normally work even in rainy or dust day.
    -With the Tracksolid tracking platform, it can enable bus supervision and fleet management functions in one second.
    -Always had issues with tracking devices and their batteries? 6000mAh will solve a lot of problems. The battery is rechargeable and the standby time is up to 25 days.
    -Multiple alarms, such as tamper alert, sound detection alarm, ect.
    AT1 asset GPS tracker is newly-launched but already best-selling. Why not hit the AT1 asset tracking solution together? If you want to know more about our asset tracking device, please click here.
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