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    The current status of COVID-19 is still severe. Since the outbreak, it has caused huge economic losses worldwide. During the epidemic, personnel monitoring problems are prominent. For example, quarantine personnel in and out can not be tracked in time, and catering services are likely to cause cross infections. During the back to work period, personnel movements are intensive, and the health status of employees is difficult to track, which brings a lot of inconveniences and over workload to the supervision departments.

    Concox's personnel management solution specially created for the COVID-19 fight mainly adopts IoT and wireless communication technology. The electronic card serves as a communication unit to collect personnel status (position, trajectory, alarm information, etc.) and obtains visual data through big data analysis and calculation, which can be used by managers to monitor, control area, track trace, and automatically statistics in real-time, so as to strengthen the control of epidemic personnel and effectively block the spread of the epidemic.


    1. Obstacles facing COVID-19 fight

    a. Huge management workload: The number of people in home-quarantine is increasing as more people are returning to work. But some of these should be in home-quarantine may act without qualms, making the staff shortage issue prominent.

    b. Difficult to trace: Some of the infected may withhold real trip histories, increasing difficulties in traceback and prevention.

    c. Hard to measure: Due to a shortage of management staff during an epidemic, traditional methods can hardly meet the need for statistics on cases that are in home-quarantine, suspected, with mild symptoms, etc.

    2. Concox Personnel Management IoT Solution: Hardware+Cloud+APP

    A solution that enables visualized management of persons by integrating software, hardware, and features such as geo fence, trip playback, and real-time location.

    3. Features

    a. Quarantine real-time tracking

    Tracking: Pinpoint locations of those under  observation or quarantine.

    Trips playback: Find those who left without permission based on location data uploaded by tracking device.

    Manage by group: The platform empowers the management team to manage locations of all members under an account and their distributions.

    Position in real-time: Concox solution supports positioning via BDS, GPS, and WiFi and enables users to set upload intervals to monitor locations of persons in real-time.

    Trips playback: Concox solution enables users to playback trips in a specific time range in the past 180 days.

    b. Instant alerts for leveaving the defined zone

    Geo-fence: the grid manager will be notified and take actions if a person leaves the geo-fence.


    c. Trips playback facilitating contacts searching

    The trip playback feature helps the management staff to take thorough search for possible contacts once a suspected or confirmed case is discovered.

    d. Safer & more efficient personnel management and analysis

    With geo-fence, RFID, and other features provided by Jimi solution, managers cannot only set statistics methods by actual conditions, but can also check in real-time statistics reports about status, alarms, and more without direct contact with patients or persons in quarantine, making control safer and more efficient.

    Auto Statistics Data

    Status Statistics: The online statuses of terminals are clear and users can export statistics reports.

    Alarm Statistics: Alarm data is collected in real-time, facilitating fast decision-making when any exception occurs.

    4. Optional IoT devices: GPS/LBS/WIFI; Tracking; Geo-fence; Alarms; Compact design


    5. Hardware Parameters


    6. Key figures of Jimi

    Concox specializes in location-based and communication application services tomake connections simpler.


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