• Our GK310 supports FDD LTE(4G)


    Our GK310 supports FDD LTE(4G)---Band 1,Band 2,Band 3,Band 4,Band 5,Band7,Band8, Band19.WCDMA(3G)---850/900/1900/2100MHz.GSM frequency(2G)---850/900/1800/1900MHz. Let you get rid of the 2G/3G worries,enjoy a quick and exciting life.

    Mediatek Intelligence Chipset:Our GK310 adopt high-performance processing 4G chipest-MTK6737. While reducing the power consumption by a large margin,  the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased.

    GPS+WiFi+LBS Triple Positioning:Our GK310 support GPS,WiFi and LBS triple positioning.WiFi position is the assisted positioning,which can link automatically in WiFi. Latest WiFi positioning enables the kids to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.

    Low Battery Alarm:The built-in battery can charge one hour,then use for about 1 to 3 days.When the battery is less than 10%,it will send SMS:“Attention! The built-in battery is low,please charge!” to SOS numbers.


    Ultra-Long Standby Time:Our GK310 have built-in chargeable 3.8V 1500mAh Lithium-polymer battery.If LTE & WIFI work,GPS sleeps,one-time charging lasts nearly 72 hours, no need to charge tendiously,make your more convenience.

    White List:The GK310 By setting the family number to avoid a stranger's harassment, If the number is not deposited in the SIM card, it cannot be called.Giving old people and kids a more safe environment.

    Check Location:We can use SMS “WHERE#”, to the SIM number of device. The device will send a location message automatically. You can get the coordinates. Example:Lat:N22.571285,Lon:E113.877115,Course:42.20,Speed:0.0740,DateTime:10-11-23 22:28:51

    Humanization Professional design:The GK310 is humanization professional design and very light and small.The GK310 is only weight 81g,we can hold it in one hand. It is very easily to be hidden at anywhere. 

    Clear Two-way Audio:We can pick up the call by short pressing one of family number buttons,turn on the speaker by long pressing one of family number buttons,or reject/hang off the call by pressing SOS button.Voice MonitoringWhen SOS number sends monitor command: “MONITOR#” to the GK310, the GK310 will reply “OK” and call the SOS number. After the call connected, the GK310 will enter monitor condition. The SOS number can hear the sound around the GK310.

    SOS Emergency calling:Our GK310 have Independent SOS key,Press SOS button for more than 3s to activate SOS alarm.Meanwhile you could feel the vibration twice,and then the terminal will send a message “Emergency call! Please pay attention”to the SOS numbers.

    Auto-mute Mode:To avoid disturbing the kids,we can set the time by APP or platform. In this period,any calling or SOS will be out of action. By this way,to ensure the normal order of school.

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