• Why Need Vehicle GPS Tracker Even Though Have Mobile Phone GPS Tracker?


    To save money, many people choose not to install vehicle GPS trackers. The mobile phone is also equipped with GPS function, so they think it is not necessary to use vehicle GPS locator. However, there are differences between these two positioning products. Today, I will make the comparison for you.

    1. Mobile phone tracker requires traffic or WiFi, but vehicle tracker does not

    We know that the working principle of vehicle GPS tracker is to use the GPS module to receive satellite signals, and then combine with the electronic map in memory to display the setting position on the electronic map, which is the position of your car. The GPS positioning principle of mobile phone is similar to that of car. When the GPS positioning function of mobile phone is turned on, the GPS module in mobile phone can be used to receive satellite signals to locate.

    The difference is that all the vehicle GPS maps are built offline. Merchants will update the contents of electronic maps in a timely manner. The vehicle owners do not need to download and install the updated maps themselves, and they can get the correct maps without networking. However, online maps generally used by mobile phones need to be downloaded on the Internet and then displayed. If they are not connected to the Internet, they don’t work. Of course, the phone can do the same thing by downloading offline navigation data in advance.

    In addition, some people use mobile phone tracker, which is not GPS positioning, but WiFi positioning or base station positioning. That is, your mobile phone will exchange data with the mobile signal tower or WiFi hotspot to locate, which definitely needs to be connected to the Internet.


    2. The positioning accuracy and the sensitivity of mobile phone are lower than those of vehicle

    The vehicle GPS tracker is mainly used for navigation and has the strong and stable signal. The merchants will update the electronic map content in time. Of course, you also can download and install it in a timely manner. Otherwise, you may not have a new road construction on your equipment, which may cause unnecessary trouble.

    The antenna space is too limited, and it leads to the low efficiency of the mobile phone. Generally, the built-in navigation antenna on the mobile phone is narrow, and the gain is low, so it is highly affected by the external environment, which results that you can't get a GPS signal. In this condition, you will need the network to locate. Some major events required temporary mobile base station may affect the positioning accuracy of the base station. In addition, if the router's position has changed, but WIFI location in the database is not updated accordingly, then it is likely to lead to WIFI positioning error.


    3. Mobile phone tracker's signal is greatly affected by the environment, while vehicle tracker's signal is relatively stable

    These two signal reception structures are different. Mobile phone is small, so it requires a smaller antenna, resulting in a big signal loss. The internal components are closely packed together, and the signal of the antenna is also interfered by the phone, camera, memory, etc., and sometimes the user will block the antenna when holding the mobile phone… all there cause the poor and unstable mobile phone positioning.

    The vehicle-mounted GPS space is naturally much larger, and the antenna is not the same type as mobile phone, which contributes to the better user experience. Besides, the vehicle tracker is the front-loaded navigation, or the antenna is the navigator outside the roof, then it will make a better effect.

    Above is the introduction of mobile phone GPS tracker and vehicle GPS tracker. It can be seen that the vehicle GPS tracker should be installed. It can provide not only accuracy but also driving safety. If you want to know more about vehicle GPS tracker, please don’t hesitate to contact us concox.

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