• NB+2G dual module facilitates asset tracking

    Asset tracking is the process of tracking physical assets and their information like location through IoT technology. Depending on the business, physical assets may refer to different types of equipment, such as IT equipment, goods, or vehicles, and that can be applied to Shared bicycles, auto loan risk control, personal/pet tracking, and cargo channel monitoring.

    In the application scenario of asset tracking, universal terminal products are difficult to take electricity. Generally, they are powered by batteries. The application environment is complex and changeable, and even worse. This requires that the products used for asset tracking must have very low power consumption; also, because users are constantly moving, and the scene changes a lot, it is necessary to ensure normal communication under various scenarios.

    2G module has high power consumption and insufficient depth coverage, making it difficult to obtain large-scale applications in the LPWA field. However, 2G supports high-speed mobile and voice, at the same time, the network and industry chain is very mature, and there is still a certain market space;
    NB module has deep coverage and low power consumption, but the rate is poor. It is mainly used on low-power wide-area LPWA services with low rate/delay requirements.

    The NB+2G dual module combines the advantages of both technologies. In mobile application scenarios, NB network cannot guarantee complete coverage, especially in urban and rural areas, while NB+2G dual module achieves complementary advantages. NB saves power and 2G guarantees transmission.

    With the rapid development of the Internet of things, the demand for asset location tracking focused on people, cars, animals and other aspects become more urgent and diversified. China's tracker market is expected to reach 2.69 billion by 2022.

    The first! Concox takes the lead in launching NB+2G dual-mode asset tracking device

    At the MWC conference in 2019, Concox and MTK launched the first NB-IoT+2G IoT terminal product , that is dual-mode electric motorcycle tracker designed for the intelligent management of electric vehicles (electric motorcycles). It is small in size and easy to hide and install. It adopts narrow-band IoT technology with lower power consumption, supports NB-IoT+GSM dual-mode data transmission, meets wide-area coverage, and achieves deep coverage such as underground garage, which is suitable for more scene applications.

    With the continuous penetration of NB-IoT in various industries, NB-IoT will penetrate into the fields of Internet of Vehicles, Smart Medical, and Smart Home. However, the application scenarios of the Internet of Things are complex. In the process of 2G gradual evolution to NB, we must ensure the customer's experience and prepare for future trends. Neither single 2G nor single NB technology can achieve the best experience in stability, penetration and coverage. However, 2G+NB dual-mode technology can give full play to the advantages of both sides and solve the problem. The introduction of Concox's first NB-IoT+2G positioning terminal in the domestic industry undoubtedly creates more possibilities for the future of the Internet of things products. Concox will also bring better solutions and user experience for global customers be on the Internet of things field.

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