• MWC 2019 is looking to 5G and Concox will boost the development of the IoT in the future

    As the world's most influential communications show in the world, MWC 2019 was successfully held in Barcelona from February 25th to February 28th.

    With the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity", global communication vendors and enterprises are competing to show the latest technologies and new products at this MWC conference. No matter it is the 5G smartphone, VR/AR, AI, Internet of things, big data, or other advanced technologies, etc., MWC 2019 undoubtedly brings a visual and technological feast to the world.

    Fantastic 5G folding screen mobile phone
    (Huawei 5G folding screen MateX)
    Smart living——Bringing 5G to your home
    (Huawei Balong 5000 5G commercial terminal -- realizing "high-speed connection")
    5G+AI high-performance service robot
    (CloudMinds xr-1 humanoid nanny robot)
    Amazing VR/AR 3D real-time body posture tracking
    (Microsoft Hololens 2 is designed for enterprise users with ultra-strong virtual reality interaction and collaboration)
     5G car & 5G driverless technology application
    (Qualcomm 5G cars make travel smarter and safer)
    Operators actively promote the next generation of Internet of Things technology
    (VODAFONE, one of the world's largest mobile network companies, joining forces with concox to show QBIT personal GPS tracker)
    (Concox & MTK launches the first NB+2G dual-mode electric motor tracker)
    The rapid development of the Internet of things and 5G technology also enables operators around the world to actively promote the application of the next generation of IoT. At the MWC 2019, concox and VODAFONE presented the personal positioning terminal product QBIT. Mini QBIT integrates GPS/LBS/ wi-fi positioning into one, enabling accurate positioning and tracking. It has two-way call, voice control alarm, SOS, remote monitoring and other functions, guarantee your safety anytime anywhere. At the same time, the first NB+2G dual-mode electric motor tracker launched by concox and MTK also made a stunning appearance, creating more possibilities for future IoT products.
    Although MWC 2019 has ended, the rapid emergence of new technologies such as 5G, AI and Internet of Things has made concox more embarrassing for the development of the Internet of Things. In the future, the massive data collected by the Internet of Things can be combined with high-speed, low-power, and wide-coverage 5G networks, and then through AI analysis, allowing users to obtain more valuable and richer information. Concox will also follow the trend and continue to work in smart city, smart home, smart ranch, public safety, transportation and logistics, unmanned driving and other industries and fields, to bring better solutions and user experience to customers around the world.
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