• Motorbike GPS Help Catching Thieves in 3 Hours

    Two thieves in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, premeditated to rob a motorcycle. But they left the GPS safety prevention out of consideration. The police caught the thieves according to the GPS locating within 3 hours, getting back the motorbike.

    When Ms. Liao was ready to go back home after work at 18:30 on Feb. 27th, a man suddenly rushed to her, threatening her with a dagger and intented to rob the motorcycle. In order not to be hurt, Ms. Liao passed her motorbike to the robber. The robber got the motorbike and quickly got away from the scene with another man. Ms. Liao called the police at once.

    When the police arrived and got the info that Ms. Liao has installed the GPS tracker for her motorbike. She could do real-time tracking of the motorbike by phone. So the police got the monitoring videos and soon found out the two robbers.

    After confirming the signalement of the criminal suspect, plainclothes police started to chase him. At about 21:00, the robbers were caught. The whole process only took about 3 hours.
    This fully shows the benefit of GPS trackers. We can soon take back the motorbike or car. So to protect your car, try a GPS tracker.



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