• Mini personal GPS tracker for people in need

    For the parent who struggles to keep tabs on a little one, worries about bullying at their child's school, or is concerned about how their non-verbal child might be treated at daycare, the Mini Personal GPS Tracker could be a literal lifesaver. kids love the Mini Personal GPS Tracker. Yes, it allows me to track their whereabouts, listen in to their surroundings, and set up geofences.The  personal GPS tracker can use for children, seniors ,courriers,and so on.

     People with autism, Alzheimer's or dementia may sometimes wander off making for a dangerous situation. Benton County and Bella Vista are working together to help their search and rescue teams find your loved ones safe and they're doing it with Mini Personal GPS Tracker. 



    It's a scary reality no parent wants to  face, especially parents of autistic children. Bonnie Webb's Son Uses Personal GPS Tracker because he has autism. She said,  "He had gone and run off toward a cliff side, and I actually didn't catch him until he had almost gone to the edge."The Mini Personal GPS Tracker send off GPS signals to Bella Vista and Benton County law enforcement and have already saved several lives in our area.  For parents who are worried about keeping track of their children, technology offers a possible solution: kid-friendly wearable devices with GPS tracking built in.Wearable technology has exploded in recent years, with health monitoring technology such as Fitbit, and wearable computers, such as Google Glass. There are wearables for adults -- even wearables for pets -- so it makes sense that companies would design Mini Personal GPS Tracker with kids .

    So local law enforcement and a Bella Vista church have teamed up to help save lives.  Sergeant Shannon Jenkins with the Benton County Sheriff's Office said,  "Literally time is of the essence when somebody goes missing,especially when it's a child or an elderly person." With the help of the sheriff's office and St. Theodore's Episcopal Church, you can purchase a Mini Personal GPS Tracker for a family member in need. 

     Concox Qbit™ Mini Personal GPS Tracker can do it.The Qbit Personal GPS Tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and convenience. It stands out by compact, lightweight design for both excellent mobility and reliability. Qbit enables you to view real-time location from the computer, tablet or smart phone. It is capable of withstanding extreme environment. GPS+AGPS+LBS Triple Positioning:The Qbit support GPS,AGPS and LBS triple positioning ,once here has good GPS signal. It will locate via GPS,if it doesn't have GPS signal,it willlocate via LBS.The triple positioning allow the location to be ponpointed accurately and rapidly.Being stylish, tough and accurate, Qbit is idea for kids, the elder and people with special needs.

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