• May GPS Bring You Home

    We are common. So common in life. In face of joy and sorrow, success and failure, depart and death, you are fragile as glass. In the river of life, you should face all kinds of stories that may bring you away or home. Which one do you prefer? 
    GPS can bring you home or away. But the point is that you need GPS all the time. GPS will take you to the one you love and bring the loved to you. It’s a story, isn’t it? You can stay together with your lover by GPS. And you can also find yourself on the way home.
    GPS is basically a kind of technology, the other side a way of life. You need GPS because you are in need on the way. You lose yourself or just being blind because of shadow. Then GPS will brighten you making you become clear. You love GPS? Or you hate losing? GPS may guarantee you and keep you in line. It never shows and you will never know. You beloved ones need you back home and lead them from there. GPS? Yes, it does. 
    GPS your life. GPS your family. And GPS yourself. Then you can position yourself well in this whole world ensuring that you won’t fall. Sometimes you will fall but falling down sounds not so good. Open your eyes and step forward, you will find your way back home. Trust me, and you will never look back. 
     May GPS Bring You Home
    (Jennifer Lu from Concox)


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