• Make your everyday life easier with GPS tracking

    GPS tracking is a simple and high-quality system that makes you feel more confident and secure. It helps you always stay tuned and never miss any important moment of your life.

    Wondering where’re your nearest and dearest right now? Worried about your children, strolling along the streets of a big city? Trying to guess what keeps your wife so long? Scared to lose your pet friend?GPS tracking has rich functionality that helps to solve numerous tasks. You can simply use your smartphone or any other GPS tracking device. Creating one account, you can connect up to 5 units (people, vehicles, or pets) you want to be tracked. Keep calm and stop worrying — GPS-Trace will inform you about anything.Use GPS tracking to create your own world — mark you favorite places and geofences. 

    What is the top aid we rely on when evaluating a new GPS tracker? The answer is device “technical characteristics”. The specifications seem to be a great helper for choice making and selecting the best GPS tracker model. Usually, at the top of the specs list there is even a separate section dedicated to a GNSS module: the brand, supported navigation systems and sensitivity.

    However, practice shows that most information taken from advertising materials and instruction manuals is of no use. Why? Firstly, because it is too general with sentences like “sensitivity: up to -165 dBm”. Secondly, it is a common trick among manufacturers to provide information on module or even chip parameters instead of revealing the real purchased item characteristics. Still, one must admit that even the best GNSS-chip just can not reach the stated criteria if it is connected to the wrong antenna or because of a power supply noise effect. In other words, various board components, design and the device assembly affect the final GPS tracker performance in a great way.

    To find a GPS tracker that will meet your expectations we recommend to take a look at its internal structure: analyze functions of GNSS-antenna, the component layout on board, noise damping and, of course, its microprogram – the main regulator of all that.

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