• GPS Tracker can Improve your Maintenance Planning

    Regular vehicle maintenance is vital for fleet management. Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will be a lot more likely to be prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to you being greatly out of pocket. With the help of routine maintenance, the driving risk can be greatly cut down and your driving experience can be improved drastically.


    It is difficult for fleet manager to arrange vehicle maintenance on regular basis. However, fleet manager earns money from every minute vehicle running on the road. Then, how to optimize routine maintenance. Here come some tips.

    Set up a maintenance team

    It is quite common that vehicle drivers think they are only responsible for driving and maintenance is none of their business. In this condition, fleet manager should enhance their maintenance awareness. However, if you have a large fleet, you could set up a maintenance team. The cost of hiring responsible maintenance team is lower than that of sending to maintenance factory after breaking down, and the quality is higher than that of maintenance self-consciousness by drivers.

    Create a vehicle maintenance checklist

    A vehicle maintenance checklist can record your vehicle maintenance status. Clearly record the checking time, checking part, checking feedback… You can better manage each vehicle.

    Schedule preventive maintenance

    Arrangement maintenance after breaking down is not enough. The reasonable method is to adopt preventive maintenance measures, avoiding potential problems in the future.

    Employ GPS tracking devices

    Make full use of technology can push operational decisions. With the help of intelligent GPS tracking platform, fleet manager can receive alerts every time drivers damage the vehicles. For example, with oil shortage alert, fleet manager/driver would fuel the vehicle, cut down the risk of hurting the engine caused by totally running out of oil.

    As a fleet manager, you should value the maintenance schedule. It is associated with your fleet management efficiency. What’s more important, it is related to your profits. In order to well manage, you can make full use of some tools, such as GPS tracker and fleet management software. Concox, the experienced China GPS tracker manufacturer, can provide professional tracking device and solution, helping improve your maintenance plan. Welcome to contact us!

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