• Logistics and GPS Tracker Technology


    Experts' inspections of some developed countries in the United States and Europe found that, more than a decade ago, the empty rate of U.S. highways was about 20%, and then dropped below 10%. The secret is that they applied information management technology and used satellite positioning systems. The vehicle was effectively dispatched, and the GPS tracker showed its charm here.

    Functions that Asset GPS Tracker can achieve: Because network GPS combines the most advanced information technology and various high-tech achievements in the world, vehicles equipped with network GPS will achieve many functions.

    Real-time monitoring function

    (1) It is possible to issue instructions at any time to query the geographic location (longitude, latitude, speed, etc.) of the transportation vehicle, and display it visually on the electronic map.

    (2) The vehicle's whereabouts can be grasped immediately after it leaves the vehicle. If abnormal deviations, stagnation, and Overspeed occur, the network GPS workstation display can immediately display and issue a warning signal, and can quickly query and correct to avoid situations that endanger the safety of people, cars, and cargo.

    (3) The owner can log in to check the status of the cargo delivery, and understand the dynamic information of the cargo in real-time, so as to truly reassure the customer.

    (4) Long-distance transportation is blocked due to information blockage and narrow channels. The GPS monitoring system is built on the open public platform of the Internet. It can forecast the real-time information and accurate arrival time of the vehicle online in advance, and reasonably arrange the return journey to be dispatched according to the specific situation.


    Two-way communication function

    GPS users can use the GSM voice function to talk to the driver or use the Chinese character liquid crystal display terminal of the mobile device installed on the vehicle for Chinese character message sending and receiving conversations. 2.3 Dynamic scheduling function

    (1) Dispatchers can send text dispatch instructions through the dispatch center at any time and get confirmation information. Realize nearby scheduling, dynamic scheduling, and advance scheduling.

    (2) Real-time grasp of vehicle dynamics, departure time, arrival time, unloading time, return time, etc. In order to achieve the purpose of gaining time and saving transportation costs.

    (3) Scientific scheduling, improving the actual load factor, minimizing empty time and distance, and making full use of the transportation capacity of transportation vehicles. 

    Data storage and analysis functions

    (1) The vehicle's running route, running area, when and where should be reached, etc. can be planned in advance, and this information can be recorded in the database for future queries and analysis.

    (2) Collect, accumulate and analyze data to further optimize the route. Based on geographic information GIS, formulate more reasonable driving routes and the costs of fuel, maintenance, and crossing (bridges) during the entire transportation process, determine more accurate costs, and formulate more reasonable freight.

    (3) According to the information stored in the database, the previous work information of each vehicle can be read at any time, and various forms of reports can be made according to the different requirements of each management department, so that each management department can make it faster and more accurately. Judge.


    Application process of GPS technology in logistics

    The logistics and transportation industry should use GSM public digital mobile communication as the information transmission medium, apply GPS positioning technology, computer technology, network technology and other means, make full use of Internet resources, and use the electronic map geographic information system to display the actual location of the vehicle in real time. Realize the functions of vehicle status monitoring, dispatch management, alarm assistance and information consultation, etc., and use the GPS and electronic map to zoom in, zoom out, and change the map. It can move with the target and keep the target on the screen. Multi-window, multi-vehicle, and multi-screen simultaneous tracking can also be realized. This function can be used to track important vehicles and goods.

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