• Keep Your Kids Safe on Campus with Concox GK309

    Have you ever worried about your kids’ safety on campus in the case that they would be or come across an emergency without anyone by side? Or have you ever thought of knowing more about your kids’ behavior without your company? To ensure that your kids are safe without any misbehavior, you may need a GPS Kids Phone. Then, our product GK309 will rank top in your list. 
    GK309 is a smart GPS Kids Phone with a student card in it just for students on campus. It is a combination of low cost cell phones and wireless GPS tracking devices to students. The device has been enhanced on the basis of GK301 and GK 306 to provide even greater peace of mind to parents as their children travel the world on the journey of a lifetime.
    Whether it is U.S., Europe, or China, GK309 will work anywhere all around the world, providing real-time tracking updates all the time. Parents can see not only the current location of their child but also a full history of trail of locations updated every 30 minutes. To provide additional peace of mind, it allows a parent to view calls made or received from GK309. 
    As an additional security feature, each GK309 has a “SOS Button”. When this is pressed, a message will be sent to your cellphone so that many emergencies can be dealt with in time. There are also many other features such as recording students’ attendances or allowing them stay invisible in class without any disturbance from others. 
    Choosing a GK309 for your kids as a gift and show them your love and care about them. You can see your kids’ locations and make the utmost efforts to keep them away from dangers anytime anywhere. What a wonderful life that will be!


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