• How the Internet of Things Changes our Life!

    In the era of the Internet of Everything, the footsteps of IoT have already entered many corners of our lives.
    Smart connected car
    As the most potential part in the Internet of things system, the Internet of vehicles is characterized by active technological innovation, increasingly diversified application scenarios, and obvious features of intelligent and network connection.
    At the mobile world congress 2019 (MWC), automobiles technologies are emerging in an endless stream, including 5G technology, AI technology, self-driving technology and so on, which promotes the development of Internet of vehicles technology.
    Smart electric motorcycle
    With the rapid development of intelligent technology, the electric motorcycle is also relying on the Internet of things to become digital, intelligent and easy to operate.
    Nowadays, smart electric vehicles are connected to mobile apps through the installed smart terminals. The vehicle status can be seen clearly through the phone, and the vehicle start-up and alarm settings can also be operated by the phone, making it easier and safer for the owners to ride.
    Smart life
    Smart life, as a new way of life, has become more and more popular in recent years, especially in the field of smart pension and smart home. Intelligent life makes people's daily life more comfortable, convenient, safe and healthy.
    Some families now prepare smartwatches for the elderly. The smartwatch can monitor the elderly's location and health status in real time. It can also send reminders such as health warnings or medications to the elderly and send the data to the family's mobile phone. At the same time, the elderly can communicate with their families or ask for help through the smartwatch, breaking the distance between their loved ones.
    Smart logistics
    Smart logistics combines vehicles, goods, and people to achieve informationization, networking and automation of logistics management.
    Intelligent logistics enables goods to be tracked and managed from the source. In the process of cargo transportation, managers use the Internet of Things to monitor goods in real time, and through the analysis and early warning of location data, accurately dispatch the distribution stations, transportation vehicles, and personnel to reduce losses and improve goods management efficiency.
    Smart campus
    Through the education informationization, the smart campus realizes campus intelligent management, teacher intelligent teaching, student intelligent learning and seamless connection between campus and family.
    Now, some children will take the smart electronic student ID to school. The smart student id card realizes parents to communicate with their children on the phone, as well as share information such as their child's location and send warning of dangerous areas. In addition, when the child encounters an emergency, the SOS button can be used to ask the parents for help. After entering the school, the intelligent electronic student card will automatically sleep, avoiding affecting children's learning.
    Smart field 
    Smart field management enables managers to manage the behavior of field personnel and improve the fluency of cooperation between field personnel and internal staff intelligently.
    For field personnel such as sanitation workers, the application of intelligent electronic badges is more extensive in terms of attendance. Through multiple positioning, intelligent electronic work card can achieve remote automatic attendance and activity monitoring. In addition, in case of emergency (falls, car accidents, etc.), the staff can press the SOS button for help.
    In the Internet of Everything era, there are many areas where the Internet of things can play a role. As a provider of intelligent hardware solutions in the IoT industry chain, concox has been deeply engaged in the smart connected car, smart electric motorcycle, smart logistics, smart life, smart campus, smart field and other fields of the Internet of things, helping the development of the Internet of things.
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