• Install GPS tracker in companies of official vehicles to improve vehicle operation efficiency


    Based on our understanding of official vehicles, we believe that the companies of official vehicles should have the following management and control requirements:

    1. How to supervise the time when official vehicles enter and exit the company and the driving routes on the road.

    2. How to supervise the driving behavior of official vehicles, avoid the illegal behavior of supervising cars (supervise the speed, driving route, and area), and ensure safety.

    3. How to receive police, supervise and rescue emergency situations, ensure asset safety and reduce losses.

    4. How to improve the level of operation and improve the work efficiency of automobile adopters.

    In order to better overcome the above problems and improve the management and control of drivers and cars, GPS locators are used, with the help of GPS satellite technology, GIS geographic location information technology, computer communication network and data analysis as a method of car positioning, and the public mobile communication network ( GSM) to realize the data transmission between the car and the center.



    GPS locator can fulfill the following functional requirements:

    1. Car safety risk management: According to the GPS locator, the car’s running track can be recorded in detail, and the operation track can be reviewed and tracked, so as to supervise the driving route, realize the reasonable control of the car by the control department, and provide guidance to the driver. To deter the effect of supervision.

    2. Statistics and analysis of data information: The management and control department can automatically realize statistics and analysis on the information content transmitted from each vehicle in terms of speed and mileage according to the management system, and control the driving behavior of the vehicle.

    3. Supervision and operation services: improve the transparency of management and control, and the operability of operations, thereby enhancing the efficiency of cars and people.

    4. Security services: Provide automatic and manual alarms for car emergencies, mechanical failures, and distress to reduce safety hazards and economic losses of the car and its owner.

    JM-VG01U INS GPS Tracker,the pioneer that be integrated INS(Inertial navigation system) into a compact GPS tracking device, enables stable access to location and position in poor GPS signal area such as underpass, downtown, tunnel, etc., and its inbuilt UBI feature provides 8 types of drivers’ behavior analysis so that it could upload records of improper behaviors to the platform. it solves the problem that when your vehicles enter non-GPS areas, real-time constant location data will be still reported, as usual, the historical route will be displayed on platform coherently, and the mileage data will be recorded as well. In this way, your discomfort with location spots jumping and worries in valuables delivery can be dispelled.

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