• Impact of upload interval on GPS tracker


    A friend called to consult me. His Audi A8 was able to hear a slight sizzling sound in the back seat, and the sound was regular for roughly one minute.

    I asked him when the sound started, did you have it before? Has the vehicle been modified recently? My friend told me that a GPS locator has been added to the vehicle recently. In general, the GPS locator does not have any effect on the vehicle. After inspection, it was found that the GPS locator was installed near the left amplifier of the Audi A8 trunk. The uploading time interval of GPS positioning is 30 seconds or one minute. It can be definitely GPS upload data, causing electronic interference to the power amplifier. The noise is transmitted to the car, the GPS is replaced again, and the noise disappears.



    GPS positioning is often used. If you are careful, you will find that the GPS track is different from the actual track. When the vehicle is traveling straight, the trajectory and route are basically the same as the actual. If you encounter a turn, etc. The trajectory jumps directly.

    There is also an error in the mileage. If the car is chased at high speed, the vehicle positioning error will be larger. Obviously positioned in this place, after the location, I can't see the car. What is the cause of this?

    In fact, such an error is caused by the error caused by the GPS data upload interval. GPS locators are difficult to upload data in real-time. The so-called trajectory is a line that is connected by data points. The mileage is also calculated based on the trajectory. Due to the lack of upload points, errors in the trajectory and mileage are inevitable. As for finding a car on a high speed, the reason for the large position error is also because the vehicle is driving at a high speed and going out at a speed of one or two kilometers. If the time interval is too long or the data is not updated in time, it will cause the illusion of misalignment.



    In fact, the upload time interval of the GPS locator is adjustable. As the vehicle management, the upload interval is generally 30 seconds or one minute, which has no effect on the actual application. If you are looking for a car, it is recommended to adjust the smaller time interval for more accurate positioning information.

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