• If Beidou Satellite Navigation was installed in MH370

    “What will happen if Beidou Satellite Navigation was installed in Malaysia Airlines MH370?”
    A lost aircraft affected many people’s hearts, meanwhile, the question was raised what if our Beidou Navigation installed in MH370? Actually, the value Beidou reflect maybe much higher than GPS does with two-way communication function.
    In the beginning of this year, Beidou Navigation System will have an outbreak with the upstream chip module cost down.
    If Malaysia Airlines used Beidou Satellite Navigation System, the position may have been identified. Malaysia Airlines has been using GPS Positioning, which can only be achieved one-way communication. The aircraft can only passively receive satellite signals. Once occur accident, only thing is waiting for search from GPS. However, Beidou Satellite Navigation has two-way positioning function that can send out a message to the satellite system from the vehicles.
    The cost of Beidou has been reduced by 50%, which means the pace of sharing market with GPS is accelerating.

    This year will be the outbreak period for Beidou Satellite Navigation System. However, we should not only fight with the price of GPS, but also the technology. One to two years will be needed to resolve the problems of mobile application, compass chip power consumption and volume. After that, mobile terminal consumers can trust and use Beidou product.


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