• GPS Tracker Benefits HVAC Companies

    Managing local HVAC companies is a tough task. You have to organize and arrange some appointments and do some paperwork. It definitely costs a lot of time. In this situation, you can make full use of some tools to improve your efficiency. GPS tracker would be an ideal choice.



    Concox offers HVAC tracking products that can benefit your business by reducing operating cost and improving customer services.

    The personnel and machine operating costs could be cut down

    Manager saves time on HVAC fleet management. GPS tracker allows real-time tracking and monitor. Thus, you don’t have to rely on the individual employee to obtain useful information. By tracking on the platform and APP, you can know the departure time and engine current statues, and then push the quick decision. Drivers decrease idling road time. With the help of GPS tracker, the real-time traffic can be seen on the phone, so drivers can optimize the route.

    Save your fuel cost and maintenance fare. Manager can schedule the shortest way to reach destination and then dispatch the closest vehicle. GPS tracker can monitor the remaining fuel. Drivers are able to add oil in time to avoid damaging engine.

    Satisfy your customer

    With improved routing and dispatching, you can offer the accurate arrival time. Most HVAC companies would tell customers that they “might” arrive in 4 hours. However, you can track the real-time location anytime. You are able to show up in the planned time. No delay, quick reply. It makes you ahead of your competitors.

    If you want to know more about how GPS tracker could help your HVAC business reduce costs and improve customer services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the professional GPS tracker China manufacturer.

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