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    Over the past few years, Fleet Management systems have changed in many ways. In the early days, GPS tracking was mainly utilized for keeping an eye on fleet and assets. Today, new functionalities, such as Big Data analytics, engine health insight, driver behavior information, risk and performance evaluations, dispatching capabilities, and more, are transforming the way fleet owners run to manage their fleet. Fleet Management systems are designed to equip managers and business owners with crucial data to forecast targets, address costly processes, and scale business for growth. 

    When investing in assets for a company, it may seem that an obvious approach is to purchase or update an insurance policy.

    In reality, the repercussions for having your insurance payout a claim for a lost or a stolen piece of equipment can be very costly in the long run. Some companies may actually consider absorbing the costs of lost equipment over risking an increase in their prime, due to an incident or theft.

    Did you know that only 23% of stolen heavy equipment in the United States was recovered in 2014? This means big costs, not only for equipment owners but for equipment rental companies and even for the insurance companies themselves.

    According to 2014, Heavy Equipment Theft Report published in October 2015 by the National Crime Information Bureau (NCIB) 1,475 Tractors and 1,907 Loaders and 5,051 Mowers were stolen in the United States in 2014 alone.

    Annual Equipment Theft Report 2016, by Verisk Insurance Solutions, National Equipment Register, and National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), estimated that of 11,574 reported stolen equipment in 2016:

    If you’re one of those assets or fleet managers who have yet to take advantage of today's efficiency-driving GPS tracking technology the all-new JM-LL01 will be a true game-changer for your business or organization. This compact, yet powerful Cat M1/Nb2 LTE tracking device will help you keep visibility on your assets in real-time, helping you to better manage your assets in a variety of ways. With the added productivity you’ll get from using the JM-LL01 on your assets, you and your team will be empowered to spend more time serving your customers and focusing on what you do best. 

    Concox JM-LL01 is a 4G LTE asset tracker with ultra-long standby time. Its low consumption internal battery supports an up-to-3-year work duration. The magnetic base delivers effortless installation for which you only have to attach JM-LL01 on the metal surface, and the light sensor will be triggered once device removal occurs.


    This device supports multiple frequency bands that cover almost all countries and operators around the world. Along with the high-precision positioning, powerful omnidirectional 4G antenna, and low latency processor, it ensures that itself never loses its connection with the cloud or platform.

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