• How to use the "electronic fence" function of the car GPS tracker?


    Nowadays, the GPS trackers are used in batches by teams that need to manage vehicles, such as car loan companies, construction machinery manufacturers and dealers, school buses that pick up and drop off students from the school, and buses. These types of fleets place high demands on the location information of vehicle machinery. GPS locator makes the fleet management more intelligent by virtue of its powerful position information collection and processing functions. Here we take the electronic fence function of GPS locator to tell you in detail.

    The electronic fence is to set a range through the GPS positioning background to form a fenced guard area. In Swade's immediate positioning platform, this area can be set in a regular shape, such as a circle or rectangle; it can also be set in other irregular shapes. When the target vehicle enters the area or leaves the area, an alarm message will be received in the background. Management personnel can immediately lock the vehicle for further processing operations.

    The purpose of this function is to prevent vehicle violations. For example, for loan vehicles, some car owners or staff members may resell vehicles or goods on the vehicle without permission. The venues for these transactions are usually fixed or within a certain range. Fleet managers can delimit these areas where transactions are possible. If an alarm message occurs in the background, it means that the vehicle has entered the area illegally, and it also means that the driver of the vehicle has the possibility of reselling the vehicle or goods in private. And the positioning background can also record the time when the vehicle enters and leaves the area and the length of time it stays in the area.



    Of course, this function is not only used for anti-theft. In logistics vehicle management, electronic fences can be used to check the work of vehicles. Generally, logistics vehicles will not be transported at only two locations, starting and ending points, and there will be several transit stations in the middle. Logistics fleet managers can use electronic fences to determine when a vehicle arrives at a transit station and how long they stay at the transit station. This can also be used as an estimate of cargo arrival time.

    The above are all applications on vehicles. The electronic fence function of the GPS tracker can also be used for the supervision of other industries. For example, animal husbandry. Many Concox products have this feature, information at

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