• How to use BDS and GPS for asset equipment management?


    With the rapid development of IoT technologies such as sensing, communication, and platform, and the business model of valuable assets and equipment also exhibits diversified development, sharing, leasing, and financial leasing, traditional asset and equipment management measures are gradually being wisdom. Substitute for asset management. At present, asset management methods based on IoT technology can be roughly divided into three categories: asset management methods based on QR codes, RFID-based asset management methods, and asset management methods based on BDS/GPS+ cellular networks. So what are the advantages based on the third way?

    Concox is based on the BDS/GPS+ cellular network and belongs to the M2M (inter-machine communication) device. It essentially implements the transmission of item-side information. By combining satellite positioning and LBS positioning multiple positioning methods, it is possible to record all the steps from the issuance of the asset to the receiving process, and to ensure the accuracy of the information. Combined with cellular communication technology, the device can transmit data actively, in real time and at a distance. Good tracking and monitoring of assets. At the same time, by configuring corresponding sensors, it is possible to implement abnormal alarms of assets, such as teardown, displacement, vibration and other alarms.

    Concox collects relevant data information (such as location information, mileage information, and alarm information) by embedding the asset GPS locator into the asset and device, and transmits the data information to the software platform through the communication network. The final customer analyzes the relevant information by logging in to the platform software. Data information to achieve refined and intelligent management of assets. Based on the different application scenarios of assets and equipment, Concox can provide different product and service combinations to meet the customer's business development.


    First, active GPS: Concox active GPS is mainly for asset management of its own power supply, which can realize real-time positioning, electronic fence, abnormal alarm and remote lock function.

    Second, passive GPS: The main application of Concox passive GPS is the scene where power is difficult. Generally, it is powered by lithium-manganese battery. The application environment is complex and changeable and even worse. This requires that the products used for asset tracking must have very low power consumption. Such products do not need to be constantly positioned. Basically, one location can be uploaded one day, and the product size should be as small as possible to facilitate installation and temperature range. To be able to meet the test of various high temperature or extreme cold conditions, because the product may be unsupervised for a long time, the terminal has better earthquake resistance, and it is better to be waterproof.



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