• How to solve common problems of the E-Bike GPS tracker?

    Can the customer's electric vehicle be equipped with our equipment?

    Our electric motorcycle products are mainly cooperated with customer controllers to complete related lock motors and remote control functions. Whether to install them is mainly determined by the customer's electric vehicle controller. You can consult the controller supplier about whether the functional interface of the controller supports the anti-theft port.

    How did he implement the lock motor?

    The function of the lock motor is performed by the customer's controller. Our device is only responsible for providing the signal of the lock motor. When our device detects that the wheel rotates in the fortified state, it sends a signal to the controller through the signal line of the lock motor, and the controller The corresponding lock motor signal line is pulled down from 5V to 0V. The controller receives this signal and executes the lock motor logic.


    Can it be used on ordinary motorcycles or cars, or can electric cars without anti-theft ports be connected?

    Yes, but without the functions related to the lock motor, it can be used as an ordinary tracker, and there is a car search function

    What information do we need to provide customers if they want to integrate our device to control the APP platform themselves?

    Only need to provide communication protocol and Bluetooth protocol.


    Concox EG02 Intelligent E-Bike GPS Alarm. Say goodbye to traditional E-bike keys and meet the effective anti-theft GPS alarm EG02. As small as a cigarette lighter, EG02 comes with a plug & play design and supports GPS & LBS real-time tracking. Through APP, you can easily lock and unlock your E-bike remotely. An audio alarm will be triggered if the unauthorized displacement of the E-bike is detected. The 9-90V wide working voltage enables EG02 to be applied to different E-bike models in the market. 

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