• How to prevent GPS from being removed by thieves

    GPS has been widely used at present, and it is also very common. In the automotive industry, it is an indispensable security positioning device. It plays an vital role in vehicle management, vehicle anti-theft. GPS are very advanced risk control equipment in some industries, but in some specific industry it unavoidably dismantled. So how to prevent the GPS demolition is one of the question that specific industry practitioners have to consider.

    So how do you prevent GPS from being dismantled? What are some effective ways to prevent GPS from being dismantled?

    1. The anti-demolition GPS can be selected to increase the difficulty of dismantling when the equipment is damaged by human.
    2. Chosing a GPS with a backup power source. When the external power is damaged, it can still be positioned for a short time and send an alarm message.
    3. Keep the installation as hidden as possible. Installing the equipment in where it is not easy to find on the car.
    4. After removal, the track playback function can be used to find the activity rules of people or vehicles.
    5. If the conditions permit, you can install two GPS in your car, and the thief will not look for another one after removing one.

    GPS is a terminal with built in GPS module and a mobile communication module which is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module (GSM/GPRS network). After that you can query the terminal location on the computer.



    Method of installation

    The GPS of external power supply must be connected to the power of the car in order to work 24 hours. Generally, it is impossible for criminals to track other people's vehicles with this product. Since it must be connected with the car power so that can be distinguished with general external localizer. Therefore, you don’t recommend use external power supply.

    Approach of installation

    1, if you know how to operate electricity, you can install it by yourself. In fact, as long as you find positive and negative power of the car all things will be easy. Negative power is easy to find. The place where the body is made of iron is the negative pole. The positive pole is in the disaster box or you can look around the switch or connect it directly to the battery.
    2. It is better to receive normal electricity, that is, the power cord directly from the battery of the car, which is not affected by the key switch.
    3. Pay attention to the light side of the GPS and let it facing the sky. This side of the sky facing should stay away from the metal in case blocks the internal GPS antenna since we use it to receive satellite signals 20,000 kilometers away.

    Site of installation

    1. on headlights above the front windshield;
    2. The inner cover of the decorative board under the front windshield;
    3. Hiding place around the front dashboard;
    4. In the door partition;
    5. Under the trim panel under the rear windshield;
    6. Inside the front bumper be caution of water;
    7. under the wiper plate, attention for the water;

    Note: if the windscreen is pasted with metal insulation layer or heating layer, it will reduce the GPS signal reception and cause disorder of the GPS work. At this moment, please change the equipment installation position.

    Points of installation

    1. In order to avoid burglars' damage, the location of equipment should be concealed as far as possible;
    2. Avoid being put together with the transmitting source, such as wireless reversing radar, burglar alarm, and other on-board communication equipment;
    3. It can be fixed with binding tape, or it can be fixed with strong double-sided adhesive tape;
    4. There are GSM antenna and GPS antenna in the equipment, which should be installed with the front facing upward (towards the sky).

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