• How to prevent E-bikes batteries from being stolen?

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of cars has increased day by day, road traffic has become increasingly congested, and convenient and fast electric vehicles have been born. Electric vehicles and electric motorcycles are more common on the roads. In recent years, the sales of E-bikes are still very impressive, but many owners have reacted to the fact that there have been many battery losses in recent years. So, how should we prevent theft to ensure that our E-bikes are not stolen?
    1. Install E-bikes GPS tracker
    This is the most effective anti-theft method. Now there are many kinds of alarms online, and the price generally ranges from 30-60$. Here, we recommend the ET25 Small and Light E-bike GPS Tracker.
    ET25 is a smart anti-theft terminal specially designed for electric vehicles. It is small in size, easy to hide and install, and is not easy to be discovered by thieves. It has a wide voltage range and is suitable for all types of vehicles. It has multiple alarms, automatic arming, and remote locking. Function, once the whole vehicle or battery is stolen, it will send out power, vibration, and displacement alarm information, to a certain extent to prevent battery theft; if the vehicle is stolen, the owner can realize remote lock at the first time, and it integrates With GPRS and satellite positioning technology, after the event, with the assistance of the positioning system, the theft of vehicles can be recovered as soon as possible, reducing the loss of the owner.
    Because a thief usually takes a car before stealing a car or stealing a battery, if the car does not ring, he will choose to start. If the car's positioning alarm will ring, they will also consider it. Therefore, selecting a device positioning alarm has a certain effect and effect on preventing theft.
    2, you must buy a good lock and lock the car at any time
    Nowadays, the quality of electric car locks on the market is uneven, so you need to go to the regular lock shop to buy good quality anti-hydraulic pliers locks. If you can, add an iron chain lock to the battery of the electric car. Most of the car thieves are shackles to steal the battery. And for the battery placed under the seat cushion, the seat cushion should be locked with the frame to prevent the thief from easily opening the seat cushion to remove the battery.
    3, when temporarily parking, try not to let the electric car away from sight
    Temporary parking, you need to park your electric car in a car park that you are watching, or at least you should park yourself or a passer-by, a place that is easy for businesses to see, so that criminals can’t rush to start, for the car owners who park all night, most It is safe to park in a closed garage.
    4, park for a long time, please remove the battery
    If it is a long time to park the vehicle, the best way is to take the battery back and take it back, because the general car thief will not start with an electric car without a battery. However, it is difficult to guarantee that 100% of the thieves will not be able to guarantee the thief. These methods are to help the owner to reduce his own losses at a lower cost. As for the problem of radical cure, it is necessary to strengthen social security management. We will maintain social stability and raise citizens' awareness of safety.
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