• How to prevent damage to wired GPS tracker devices

    Wired GPS tracker, as its name implies, requires wiring and power to use. Generally, wired GPS trackers have three lines, one connected to the positive pole of the car power supply, one connected to the negative pole, and one belongs to the ACC line.

    So, if two of the GPS tracker's three lines are broken, can the tracker still track the vehicle position?

    The first thing we can confirm is that the wired GPS tracker can only work when the GPS tracker forms a closed current loop with the vehicle power supply. If two of the positioner's three wires are broken, the positioner and the car's power supply must not form a closed loop. Without a closed-loop and no power to the positioner, it is naturally impossible to continue to track and track the position of the vehicle.

    The same is true for a loose tracker line. If the positioner line is loose, this closed-loop will not be "closed" and the device will be unavailable offline.


    Concox GPS tracker In order to prevent the cable equipment from being damaged for no reason, the equipment has a power failure alarm function, and some equipment also has a small independent backup battery. Once the locator is damaged or the line is cut, this independent backup power source can also maintain the device's continuous tracking and positioning for 2-3 hours.

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