• How to Keep Alzheimer's Patients Safe with GPS tracking techn

    There are many methods and services that you can use to help keep your loved ones with dementia safe, but tracking technology is becoming an increasing option for caregivers.
    A non-profit organization focused on preventing emergencies in people with Alzheimer’s, the underway project has advised and supported patients and caregivers for more than 15 years with GPS tracking. Each year, the organization helps families by providing them with the technology and training to keep their loved ones safe. Its practice of working with trained public safety agencies, like law enforcement, fire and rescue teams, and first responders, allow them, when necessary, to quickly locate wandering individuals.
    According to the Alzheimer’s Association, anyone suffering from memory problems is at risk for wandering, even those in the early stages of dementia. Six in ten people with dementia will wander, and as the disease progresses, a person can become disoriented for longer periods of time.
    This can be dangerous to both Alzheimer’s patients and others, but fortunately, you can prevent wandering by creating a plan and using a service like tracking technology to help.



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