• How to judge the quality of GPS Tracker?


    At present, there are many low-cost GPSs on the market that use low-end chips for positioning. One of the advantages of using low-end chips is that they are cheap, and the price is in the range of tens to more than 300. But the defects are also very obvious, and they are positioned in an empty area. Usually it is more accurate, and the deviation is not large, but in the city or in the complicated terrain, the disadvantages are highlighted, and the deviation will be relatively large, reaching more than one hundred meters or even hundreds of meters. So how do we judge the regularity of GPS?

    First, how accurate positioning: Because people use GPS Tracker is usually in the city or in some areas of the terrain, the use of low-end chips in these areas is precisely its biggest disadvantage. Secondly, the signal loss is severe and the signal is often not received. The result is that if it is installed, it will be installed. It doesn't matter if the positioner usually feels there, but it can make a particularly big effect if it is at a critical juncture. Therefore, when buying, you can't just look at the price and official propaganda, but also look at which chip is used by GPS Tracker. The chip is the central hub of GPS Tracker.



    Second, whether it can be equipped with power failure alarm: One of the basic elements of a GPS Tracker is whether it can be equipped with a power failure alarm. The power failure alarm is to prevent the car thief from powering off the battery inside the car when stealing the car. This power-off alarm functional positioner will be ineffective in this situation, so the power-off alarm is one of the functions of GPS Tracker.

    Third, whether there is a built-in battery without a built-in battery positioner is very easy to work, GPS Tracker in addition to the power failure alarm, but also have a built-in battery to prevent the car battery in the absence of electricity can still maintain normal Operation. Many low-end GPS locators do not have this functionality, and many people pay less attention to this aspect of functionality when purchasing GPS Tracker. This feature is not particularly important, but it can be used when the car battery is dead. One of the ways to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


    Fourth, whether it can be equipped with the function of vibration alarm: there must be abnormal vibration before the car is stolen, then this functionality is the best defense before the car is stolen, this function performance to the owner of the car in the case of abnormal vibration A text message was sent to inform the owner that the car was abnormally vibrating, prompting the owner to pay attention and destroying the car in the cradle.

    Fifth, whether it can be installed with a wide voltage without this functional positioner can not work. Voltage is used by all terminal equipment. Any GPS Tracker needs to operate under the right voltage environment. Excessively high and low voltage will cause the equipment to malfunction and eventually cause equipment damage.

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