• How to install motorcycle GPS tracker?


    How to install motorcycle GPS tracker? Here is a point of view: it is best to install invisibly! Friends who are not familiar with motorcycles, do not blindly install themselves, first familiar with the circuit and structure of motorcycles, the following methods can be used for reference.

    After purchasing the motorcycle GPS tracker, you should carefully understand the GPS locator of the motorcycle, read the manual, understand the specific functions and installation guides, and confirm the normal operation of the equipment before activation.

    Looking for the location of the device's motorcycle GPS locator, this step is the focus of invisible installation. Position selection to minimize metal shielding, do not install in a closed metal; try to choose a relatively hidden place, know that the more troublesome installation, it means that the thieves will also face more time to dismantle; can not choose a more regular position, Such as under the seat, inside the tool box, near the battery, etc.; can not be installed in a place that is easy to see; avoid the need to screw only a few screws, open the 1-2 shell cover to find the place, such as the front of the scooter, Under the riding seat, these positions are the only way for thieves to steal motorcycles, because this is the location of most motorcycle starting lines and batteries, and should choose the GPS locator according to the structural characteristics of the motorcycle. position.

    There are two main points in the invisible installation of a motorcycle GPS locator:

    1, clever use of the internal structure of the motorcycle, the host installation location as concealed;

    2, hidden installation line, it is best to route in the original line, motorcycle GPS locator must be correctly and reasonably installed, otherwise the anti-theft function will not be able to exert the full effect, which means it is just a single locator or driving Track recorder.

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