• How to ensure the normal operation of the GPS tracker in extreme environments?


    Ordinary electronic equipment will affect the normal operation of machinery and equipment when the operating temperature is too high or too low. Like the iPad that is popular with everyone, usually, it will not be charged in the winter. Electronic devices such as GPS locators, which basically work outdoors and need to receive satellite signals for normal operation, will also be affected by the external environment.

    As far as this data is concerned, many people may think that it doesn't matter, there will not be such extreme temperatures under normal temperature. However, this temperature range is not to say that the GPS locator can maintain operation, but it may not be able to maintain optimal operation. In the winter in the north, minus 20 degrees is more common, not to mention that in some special environments, the temperature will be lower. Besides, in summer, cars can not guarantee that every car can be parked in a parking garage with blackout facilities. If it is outdoors, the enclosed space inside the car may have a higher temperature than the outside. Not to mention vehicles that are directly exposed to the sun.


    In fact, the suitable working temperature for the GPS tracker to give full play to the best-operating conditions is between 15-35 degrees. If the above two weather conditions are encountered, the tracker is still installed outside the car, such as a car bumper, there are some direct Installed in the spare tire on the trunk door of the car, etc. This type of environment exposed directly outside the car is more susceptible to environmental impact.

    Normally, when the GPS locator operates at an operating temperature exceeding the tolerable range, it will shut down and stop operation to protect the components of the machine. There is no natural damage to the equipment. For example, it is often asked, will the positioner explode in the summer? Most explosion accidents of GPS locators are due to wiring problems. Failure to connect the cables will cause changes in the components of the machine and equipment. In addition, it will be exposed to the sun's high temperature, which will cause the explosion. If you ensure that your GPS tracker is installed correctly, it will be difficult for an explosion in the car to occur. The low-temperature environment is the same.


    Concox's GPS tracker works in a temperature range of -20 ° C to 55 ° C. As long as you pay attention to the installation environment and specific methods of the GPS tracker, it will not affect the normal operation of the GPS tracker. If you want to know More about the Concox GPS tracker, at, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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