• How often can the wireless GPS tracker locate?


    Because wireless GPS tracker cannot be connected to the car's power supply, it cannot be like a wired GPS tracker. In order to save power to the greatest extent and not allow the device battery to drain quickly, most wireless terminal products are not used for real-time positioning. So, how often does the wireless GPS tracker use positioning? We generally set the locator once a day.

    The wireless GPS tracker can naturally use the remote operation to change the daily positioning times. Users can also use the phone's SMS, APP, and PC to use remote instructions. As long as the user sends a related setting instruction to change the positioning times, the device can convert to the corresponding positioning times according to the received instructions.



    In general, in order to ensure the battery power, the wireless GPS tracker is only set to a maximum of four positioning times a day; and for most users, if it is not necessary, the positioning is set once a day to ensure the device Long-term battery life.

    The wireless GPS tracker can not only change the number of positioning times per day but also remotely control multiple functions of the device. The user only needs to send the relevant operation instructions correctly.

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