• How many places do you know about 4 easy-to-install GPS tracker on your car?


    Buying a car now seems to be the most important thing for young friends. Compared with such unattainable things as buying a house, it is naturally more realistic to buy a car. In addition, the price of cars has been falling, so you only need to add a car Drive home. And it really does make everyday travel a lot faster after buying a car. However, you need to be careful about GPS tracker when buying a car, because many manufacturers will install GPS tracker. Next, let's take a look at 4 parts of the car that are easy to install GPS tracker!

    First, the GPS tracker is most easily installed in the tire, because the tire is the point most easily ignored by everyone, and even if the tire leaks or bursts while driving, everyone will only put the tire Remove it, it is not possible to cut it for the query. Therefore, the tire becomes one of the best parts to install the GPS tracker.



    The second part is the engine compartment, which is also a very hidden position, because the engine is the most critical component of the car, so if the owners are fine, it is impossible to open the engine compartment for inquiries. It is precise because some owners will ignore this position, so the engine compartment has become one of the common installation positions of GPS positioners.



    The third position may not be thought of by most people, because it is under your eyelids, but the enemy is in the dark and the bright, and this position is the central control. In the central control of the car, there are circuit aggregation belts for audio and navigation. In addition, the owner cannot possibly take apart the research and inquiry of the central control, and a little high-end positioning equipment needs to be continuously charged. Therefore, the central control is definitely very safe and human. Unexpected location.


    The fourth position is the bumper. Generally speaking, there is no safety accident. It is impossible for the owner to remove the bumper, so it is also very safe to install the GPS positioner here.



    The above 4 are easy to install GPS tracker. However, it is recommended that you do not dismantle these GPS tracker casually. When you repay the loan, the manufacturers will dismantle them, but after they dismantle, you should carefully check them yourself to avoid missing them in case.

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