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    Living in a world of modern technologies gives plenty of opportunities. Tracking devices and monitoring software are nothing new for most people.In fact, the majority of business and private drivers are using GPS tracking devices to plot journeys without resorting to paper maps. 

    The reasons for this are varied. Parents, for instance, might want to keep an eye on their kids to make sure they are safe.Meanwhile, big and small businesses use monitoring software to control activity and time of their employees.Concox GPS Tracker : , a new GPS tracking device with a wide range of functions that have a number of excellent and useful features. Concox GPS Tracker is user-friendly software designed based on experience of numerous tracking programs, and feedback of users.The program has become immensely popular among companies, which use it as a mobile phone tracker app. 

    However, it can be also used by individuals.How It Works tracks activity with the help of GPS. In order to start using it, one should have a tracker. No need to worry, if you do not have a tracker as you can download GPS tracker imitator. The same can be done when using tracking software with a particular phone.For now tracker is available only for Android, but the developers are also planning to present tracker for iOS in the nearest future.Unlike most tracking programs. This is not a coincidence.Such extended period gives users excellent opportunity and enough time to feel all the benefits of the software.

    you definitely need it for:Online tracking activity. Just like any other monitoring software, Uboro provides you with possibility to track location of the vehicle or the telephone in real time.Destinations. Concox tracking device is a convenient solution for logistics companies, who want to track routes of all their vehicles. You can set up red zones, which should not be entered by the object that you are monitoring. Once the object approaches or crosses the borders of prohibited territory, you receive special alert.Events in real time. With Uboro you get access to activity of the object in real time at any moment.Maps. If you are tracking several different objects, you can use map that displays all these objects. This is a very convenient option, for instance, for monitoring activity of several vehicles. Monitoring fuel consumption. This feature will make logistics company incredibly happy as it allows to control fuel consumption.You can also see whether the driver is driving aggressively, quickly or slowly. Personal Tracker: How many times have you worried about certain members of your family when you weren't around? What about when that person left the house for something? This can be an elderly member of your family or a child. How much better would you feel if you knew you could keep tabs on them and they could easily notify you if something was wrong? Well that's what personal GPS trackers can provide you with. 

    Concox is a tracking device of the future. Developers are still working on adding more features such as task or fleet management, team chats, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Concox help centre to get more information.

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